Fighting for Our Democracy and Our Future in the Age of Trump

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers and Community Allies:

I have presented 290 inspiring, energizing and educational speeches, workshops and trainings for many of you and your unions and community based organizations over the past 5+ years.  Today the Trump regime and its corporate and political allies are attacking the very foundations of our democracy and many of our hard-won freedoms and rights.  These threats also create a great opportunity for our movement and other progressive movements if we seize this historic moment and move forward.  As Benjamin Franklin said in the dark days of our Revolution: “We will either all hang together or we will surely hang separately.”  What we do with this truth is our choice.

On April 15, 2017, I launched a new interactive workshop “Fighting for Our Democracy and Our Future in the Age of Trump.”  This is not the first time in our history when working people and our allies faced a hostile federal government and many state governments dominated by corporate power.  From the late 19th century through the early 1930s, working people and our allies faced national and state governments dominated by overwhelming corporate power.  What can we learn from their successes and failures during these hard times?  Will we avoid many of their critical mistakes?  This is our choice.

The great lesson from that period is:  When we were united, we moved forward; when we were disunited, we went backward.  This workshop focuses on our movement’s historic opportunity to build greater internal unity and greater unity with other movements than ever before.  In doing so, we can beat back these attacks, fight forward, and take our country back.

Creating a unity of vision, values, program and action is never easy.  Understanding the corporate power of divide and conquer is crucial.  History is a hard teacher.  If we fail to build this needed unity, our history gives us many examples of what went tragically wrong for our movement and the people.

I would love to present this new interactive workshop to your union or organization.  Discussing these issues can inspire your activists and members to help build our unity and power.

In solidarity and friendship.