Upcoming Events

August 30 Seattle, WA
Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action - Train the Trainer

September 6 Everett, WA
A Sheet Metal Local 66

September 8 Madison, WI
Utility Workers Coalition

September 10 Renton, WA
Heat and Frost Insulators Union Local 6

October 5-6 San Jose, CA
Plumbers and Pipefitter Local 393 (2 events)

October 10 Des Moines, WA
Public Library - Retirement Security

January 24, 2017 Port Townsend, WA
Jefferson County Democrats - Retirement Security

January 28, 2017 Kent, WA
IBEW Local 46

February 25, 2017 Santa Ana, CA
American Federation of Musicians Western Conference

May 24, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
IBEW Manufacturing, Broadcast and Telecom National Progress Meeting

What's New?

My open letter to the labor movement

NEW VIDEO: “Which Side of History Are You On?”

mark-m-at-work-IBEWMy latest video “Which Side of History Are You On?” was filmed at a national conference of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace in suburban Seattle in June 2015. It is the third in my video series which combines our personal and family stories with our larger history as working people to create new hope, ideas and strategies to take our country back and create a brighter, more just and sustainable future for all of us. Read More »

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“Which Side of History Are You On?” - SPEEA

“Winning Big in Hard Times: Learning from our Ancestors” Video

This speech was filmed at the Washington State Labor Council’s 2013 annual convention in Vancouver, Washington. It is a companion video to my earlier “Making the American Dream Real for Everyone” video. “Winning Big” brings a powerful message of hope of how we, like our ancestors before us, can strengthen and broaden our democracy over the entrenched resistance of Corporate America and their political allies. Read More »

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About Me

In past 4 years, I have spoken to more than 13,400 people in 210 speeches, presentations and workshops in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, British Columbia, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Tennessee and Florida. My work is focused on inspiring, educating and encouraging people to get organized, stand up and move our country toward a brighter, more just and secure future for everyone. The audiences include unions, labor organizations, congregations, faith-based organizations, seniors, human services providers, immigrant rights activists, students, community groups and homeless advocates. Read More »

This is a four part series on 100 years of Fighting to Make the American Dream Real for Everyone

Shared Prosperity Denied - 1880s to the early 1930s
Moving Toward Shared Prosperity - Mid 1930s to late 1970s
Corporate Counterattack Against the People - 1970s Forward
Corporate America Stole our Prosperity - 1980 to Today