Many of the attendees at my workshops and speeches have asked for places to get more information. I use all of these websites and have great confidence in their professional work and commitment to speaking the truth. Many of them work on a wide range of issues so the categories below do not list all of the types of work they do. I encourage you to visit their websites and learn about the range of their work.

Websites by subject

Books by subject


2 Replies to “Resources”

  1. Mark,

    My EWMC counterparts and I really appreciated your August Sunday evening webinar series.
    Thank you! At the end of the second or third presentation, I believe you posted a YouTube url (it seemed you may have a channel?) where we can return and see the webinars? And I *thought* I grabbed a screen shot of that url. But am not finding. I have searched YouTube with no success. (I see why your middle initial is extra helpful, the first Mark McDermott who comes up is talking about beer…) Would it be possible to get that link from you? I’d like to share with my local, if that’d be okay. Many thanks!

  2. Mark,
    I grew up in an Anti-Union home. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago when I turned the corner in support of my husband’s great union endeavors to protect and be the voice of his coworkers. Watching him fight an illegal desertification through the NLRB fueled me. Jump forward a few years I become a Shop steward. I blindly jump feet first into it, no questions asked. So now I am doing the work of learning, and UNLEARNING. This hands down was the best thing for that. Your detailed buy straightforward information hits you one after another. I took 2 pages of notes to review when I get home. Little quotes you said that gave me instant visions of info graphics our union can make to fuel our coworkers, our friends and communities, and the officials who all are peices of the puzzle moving into negotiations.

    All of this to say, I was enamored. If you had a book I’d buy it! I am thankful you have your other presentations available for me to learn from.

    Thank you for the work you do.

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