“Making the American Dream Real for Everyone” focuses on the rise and fall of unions and our allies over the past 125 years in our fight to share fairly in the wealth we produce and build a more just and equitable country, and how we can rebuild or power.

“Winning Big in Hard Times” explores the rise and fall of unions and our community allies in strengthening our democracy and Corporate America in their right wing allies attacking our democracy over the past 125 years. It concluded with ideas about how we can reclaim our democracy.

“Which Side of History Are You On?” focuses on Corporate America’s counterattack against organized labor and our diverse community over the past 45 years and how disunity between organized labor and our potential community allies and movements weakened us. Most importantly we learn about many examples of major successes that new labor/community alliances are winning and how to rebuild our power.

“Speaking from the Heart to Win Community Allies” is a skill-building and messaging workshop. It emphasizes the power of our personal stories and other listening techniques to increase our effectiveness in reaching out to non-union workers and current potential community allies.

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